Paul Kiefert and I (Al Warner) went to Bloomington a couple of days early so that we could get some video for Pins and Vids and some pictures for Pingame Journal. Pingame Journal had contributed some of the content for Pins and Vids so we returned the favor. This is the bulk of the pictures we took. Some of which were used in the January 2007 magazine. It rained on 5/31 and we were unable to load games onto trucks. We were all a little nerveous about getting the games shipped because we knew that there would be a bunch of people picking up on 6-2-07. Most of these pictures are of the main BBB Build area. You can see that some of the games weren't finished yet. This was unfortunate, but PMI was doing their best to deliver all at once but it didn't happen. This is the first of two "Shipping" gallerys on this website. Paul and I strapped boxes to pallets in the main building, and a few in another building. TOG and team loaded a bunch of games onto trucks later that night. Paul and I were really tired from the drive and 3 hours sleep we got so we went to the hotel and got some sleep.

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