This was my first trip to Bloomington, my daughter was with me in spite of her school forbidding it. It's a long ride to Bloomington from Atlanta, but it was an awesome trip. At the time these pictures were taken, these were the most BBBs in one place at one time in history. This was also proof that this WAS going to happen. We all knew it wouldn't be in time for Christmas, but 2007 was going to be a great year for BBB! I was unable to release the bulk of these pictures because the progress had to be kept secret. There were people trying to stop the production of the game and PMI didn't want to risk exposing too much.

bbbtour1106070_small.jpg bbbtour1106073_small.jpg bbbtour1106074_small.jpg bbbtour1106075_small.jpg
bbbtour1106076_small.jpg bbbtour1106077_small.jpg bbbtour1106078_small.jpg bbbtour1106079_small.jpg
bbbtour1106080_small.jpg bbbtour1106081_small.jpg bbbtour1106082_small.jpg bbbtour1106083_small.jpg
bbbtour1106084_small.jpg bbbtour1106085_small.jpg bbbtour1106086_small.jpg bbbtour1106087_small.jpg
bbbtour1106088_small.jpg bbbtour1106090_small.jpg bbbtour1106091_small.jpg bbbtour1106092_small.jpg
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