These shots were taken in 2005-2006 and they show the early stages of building the game and taking Gene's original game apart to make the templates. There are also shots of the first lit playfield.

dsc00001_small.jpg dsc00002_small.jpg dsc00003_small.jpg dsc00004_small.jpg
dsc00005_small.jpg dsc00006_small.jpg dsc00007_small.jpg dsc00008_small.jpg
dsc00009_small.jpg dsc00010_small.jpg dsc00011_small.jpg dsc00012_small.jpg
dsc00013_small.jpg dsc00014_small.jpg dsc00015_small.jpg dsc00016_small.jpg
dsc00017_small.jpg dsc00018_small.jpg dsc00019_small.jpg dsc00020_small.jpg
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